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"When you got a chance to change everything, don’t ruin it ;)"

"I’m not sad that you don’t love me (that wasn’t a suprise at all) but I’m just dissapointed that you be the person that you said you dont."

"I keep telling myself “nevermind” so that I can keep myself calm eventhought its still hurt."

"Dreams are fake, reality hurt, love are lies."

"I keep motivate myself to ignore you but I can’t and I don’t know why. Everything is just hurt when you live with other people lies."

"Not all medicine can heal a scar. You need time to let it slowly fade."

"I gotta stay high so I can keep you out of my mind."

"I was happy for 3 second and I’m now I’m suffering for 3 fucking month."

"My pain it just 9 out of scale of 10. I’m saving one"